About Us

Amore was established by Simone, Gail and Maureen following Simone’s diagnosis with breast cancer. After Simone underwent mastectomy surgery in 2010, she became frustrated with the lack of attractive lingerie available, so together the friends decided to offer women a range of practical and feminine lingerie, swimwear and scarves.

We spent several months visiting lingerie and swimwear shows to find suppliers, attend workshops and information evenings to enable us to give the best assistance and advice to women. Our range was then created to cater for all sizes and styles with the latest that the industry has to offer. All bras and swimwear have bilateral pockets (pockets on both sides), scarves are all 100% cotton lined to prevent discomfort from heat.

Ultimately what you wear underneath your clothes is just as important as your clothes themselves. Regaining your confidence can be a real struggle, but it is possible to look good and feel self-assured after breast surgery.